Back To Work and Aos Updates

I am back with more news on projects.

My desktop is just about complete. It is usuable though not at the full specs I am going for. In time. I am back with 16GBs of memory with room now up to 32GBs. I dropped the amount because I really really want to get back into the swing of things. I only have one graphics card in the house and that is the 960. I have a refund coming from a payment that was a waste that should cover the new GPU. Right now though it is no bigy. I'm not making much graphics right now that would need more than what my CPU puts out. I will post pictures of the desktop with it is complete. I want to feel confident in my build, so gotta wait till it is finished.
Downloads from NI are super slow. I am almost finished with the Kontakt playlists. The issue turns out to not be isolated. Everyone else is getting buggy signal, too.

I am getting to the point where I am bored of waiting on friends that cover the voices. I am not too happy with how Tethys turned out. I might just cut the vocals and stay ambient. Keep it abstract and open. I find myself skipping the track in the playlist and opting for the vocal free verion. This is another reason why I am thinking about rewriting parts of Aos to cut out as much of the original vocals as possible. Bring things back on the level of Manic and --Better Dead. I want to get to work on it, but I am being held up by actors. I am not a very good voice 'actor' to begin with. I don't want to end up waiting so long that I loose feelings for the project like what happened for a while with Manic. Back then I lacked the 3D software and did not carefully read up on Plugin Alliance's PickPack deal. Just waited out and forced myself back into production. That's why it took so long.

I understand that people get busy or space off, but I have an imaginary schedule to keep before I loose touch on my projects. I don't want to put this on the back burner. Expect a new/edited version of the Aos story. I am linking below to Tethys final and vocal free versions.
In the end all that I would be waiting on is saving for the hydrophone.

With Vocals

Without Vocals

Feels like time wasted.

Based on what goes on tomorrow I may or may not be starting production on Aos. I am making a version without vocals that will be modular for when and if vocals do come in. Definite noise will be myself. I have just about all of the sounds so far, but I am going to be held up a bit because of the hydrophone.

Because it will be modular like Manic I will work by section. I won't make the mistake of splitting up the project files again. There are four written scenes and there may or may not be a fifth. Four and five could be merged. It is important because I might run into a RAM problem with how huge this file is going to be. I have taken steps though to drop my CPU and RAM usage and I think that I will be good. I am not sure how many workspaces I can have going at one time before the system crashes on these specs. Imagine a future where you can render audio using your graphics card.

When I made manic in three different instances, when it came equalizing, things were off and partway mixed correctly. It made enhancing (Attempted mastering) a pain in the ass. The mixdown from FL is quiet. I han hear it in my samples. I now have the storage to save every sound, cut and used, in one place so when and if I have to go back to it, I do not have to remake it like with Asylum and Better Dead. I have a terabyte dedicated just for track bits for all of my projects. I have space for a future 8TB drive in the case.

UPDATE: FEB. 14, 2019
There is not much of a point anymore to write complex stories as if I were writing chapters for my book. In the book there is no lack of vocals from others. Just a different writing style per character. I guess I expect too much from people. Aos is going to be just as open ended as Manic while complex as Better Dead. Complexity with sound effects rather than story. The story is not the greatest and I would be dumb to promote it like it was. I'll save the story for the book I am writing. Aos will be abstract and open-ended like the others. And because of the label signing and what I sent off for the EP, Manic will be cut apart into separate playlists. Really the only people who would know they are related to each other are those who read this blog.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 25.


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