Manic: Tethys - Final

Somehow I managed to make all of this with my dual core laptop. Goes to show how far one can go with technology though I did get to a point where more processing power would have been nice. I miss the desktop experience and Aos will be made using it. Tethys was the easiest of the collection to be honest. The bot vocals are generated by Pediaphon, processed in Harmor, and filtered to add more detail and clarity. The crowd recordings were done at a big city mall about an hour from here. In the track there are two separate recordings over each other and both are played in reverse though it is hard to tell. I did this because the recordings were made around Christmas time and I did what I could to make the seasonal music inaudible. With enough filters playing the original way it is still hard for me to tell what it was, music that is. To add I also put in three of my old music tracks for the added lobby music effect. The listening perspective is just as it is in the models. From insulation and to stereo interview (Interviewer in the left ear, the other in the right.)

There are 38 individual portions of the original vocal recording lined up to make full sentences. The beginnings and ends of each portion is phased in and out. I did it this way to rid of the white noise between pauses. The white noise was replaced by the crowd and background music so it appears to float on the background rather than be mixed into it.

The final design has you positioned in the room at the recorder location. You hear me on your right, my girlfriend/interviewer on your left, the crowd and bot on the other side of the wall in the lobby, and a party going on upstairs. An Easter Egg is it is my old music.

Next up is Aos which is going to cost extra for me since I need to buy a good hydrophone and finish building my desktop. It could be finished faster with your help, but the last time I posed my Paypal someone was going out phishing for me. In time though.


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