Left with a warning

So a long time ago when producing Toxxik, I did not read the fine print on Natural Reader 14 until later. I learned that the vocal generated could only be used for personal use. Well half of the album uses those voices and even in parts of Manic (Some Things Just Look Better Dead and Asylum-Everybody Is Dead) were originally taken from Toxxik and given a full story.
So I emailed the company the other day and received a response on my mishap and I was let off with a warning, bit my tongue and deleted every track I uploaded on my internet end. Everything on where I upload is now gone and that's okay. It was my fault and I was cheap at the time. To make up for this accident I am thinking about remaking the lost original Toxxik tracks using Pediaphon or VST Speek and release it onto CD and online. I only lost 7 of 16. This would mean that either I recreate the last two, which would be pretty cool with what I use now, or leave it open ended. Rewriting Better Dead would be easy and I could still use parts of the original; or all together make a new version all in 3D to match the rest of Manic.

The biggest problem for me at the moment is purchasing Natural Reader Commercial. The money is not the problem, well kind of. There are not very many lines that need to be bot generated. Really hardly any at all because of all the voice actors helping out. On whatever next big project that would use a ton of bots in then yeah I would write every line out in the series and pay the $100 for one month to synthesize. As I have been writing and changing points I am noticing the bot generation is not as huge of a demand like it used to be. Even after my run-in I would still purchase their stuff. Most realistic sounding vocals I have ever come across. A step ahead of Pediphon.

I have done a lot of digging on Pediaphon in the past and now and as far as I know the service is free to use. Heck even write my own text. If I am wrong please let me know.
When publishing time comes around I will be releasing Toxxik and Manic together in the same case for $20.


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