2011 Alien Breakout - Reboot/Remake

Alien Breakout 2011 was one of my first story telling "creations". I assembled it, but never made any of the sounds. It was a learning experience that I needed that would later develop into what I do now.

The track was made out of classical GarageBand loops and sound effects. I put them together to explain a story. I even went as far as making a video to help with concept visualization.

GarageBand was all I had at the time, and this was when attending WCC for graphic design. I slacked to learn the basics and make this as well others. I do not plan to release the original at any time in the future since I own nothing of it; and that I get embarrassed with my choppy performances even if you know that I was still learning at the time.

The reboot/remake is what it sounds like, only this time I own all the rights to publish. It is not going to be identical sound wise of coarse, but it will have the original element concepts (my versions made from scratch) along the timeline...and in 3D. My own tunes too. I'm not going to make what is not mine and I am not going to make with what is not mine.

So far there will be no bot generated as the original had one line, but not an essential one to the story. Plus any bots made from here on out are not going to be synthetic based unless I figure out how to get Form, Massive, or Skanner to talk.

Right now I can't really cover design details because the project is so far out. I would like to release it on the up coming CDs as a bonus rather than digital. That's all I've got for now.


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