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My dark side has been bothering me a lot lately. It does not depress me or make me want it to go away. It is building up with hardly anywhere anonymous to vent to. I am being signed to a label and I don't want anything coming back that will ruin it and the spread of my stuff. It is a small label and I am a small producer. The masters came back and the engineer commented twice on my music, saying that it was really cool. I don't mind people hating me. I give that vibe off that I could care less if I am hated or not. I know I am a bad person. I blame the thoughts and desires on my disabilities even though it is all integrated into my life. I am an asshole. My girlfriend tells me all the time and she still loves me and  doesn't think anything different of me. I make very bad jokes against the black community, gays, religions, funeral exhibits, evil spawn they call children. I am partially speaking the truth of what is inside of me and varying degrees. Family have said that is…

Back To Work and Aos Updates

I am back with more news on projects.

My desktop is just about complete. It is usuable though not at the full specs I am going for. In time. I am back with 16GBs of memory with room now up to 32GBs. I dropped the amount because I really really want to get back into the swing of things. I only have one graphics card in the house and that is the 960. I have a refund coming from a payment that was a waste that should cover the new GPU. Right now though it is no bigy. I'm not making much graphics right now that would need more than what my CPU puts out. I will post pictures of the desktop with it is complete. I want to feel confident in my build, so gotta wait till it is finished.
Downloads from NI are super slow. I am almost finished with the Kontakt playlists. The issue turns out to not be isolated. Everyone else is getting buggy signal, too.

I am getting to the point where I am bored of waiting on friends that cover the voices. I am not too happy with how Tethys tu…

2011 Alien Breakout - Reboot/Remake

Alien Breakout 2011 was one of my first story telling "creations". I assembled it, but never made any of the sounds. It was a learning experience that I needed that would later develop into what I do now.

The track was made out of classical GarageBand loops and sound effects. I put them together to explain a story. I even went as far as making a video to help with concept visualization.

GarageBand was all I had at the time, and this was when attending WCC for graphic design. I slacked to learn the basics and make this as well others. I do not plan to release the original at any time in the future since I own nothing of it; and that I get embarrassed with my choppy performances even if you know that I was still learning at the time.

The reboot/remake is what it sounds like, only this time I own all the rights to publish. It is not going to be identical sound wise of coarse, but it will have the original element concepts (my versions made from scratch) along the timeline...and…

Manic: Tethys - Final

Somehow I managed to make all of this with my dual core laptop. Goes to show how far one can go with technology though I did get to a point where more processing power would have been nice. I miss the desktop experience and Aos will be made using it. Tethys was the easiest of the collection to be honest. The bot vocals are generated by Pediaphon, processed in Harmor, and filtered to add more detail and clarity. The crowd recordings were done at a big city mall about an hour from here. In the track there are two separate recordings over each other and both are played in reverse though it is hard to tell. I did this because the recordings were made around Christmas time and I did what I could to make the seasonal music inaudible. With enough filters playing the original way it is still hard for me to tell what it was, music that is. To add I also put in three of my old music tracks for the added lobby music effect. The listening perspective is just as it is in the models. From insulati…

Left with a warning

So a long time ago when producing Toxxik, I did not read the fine print on Natural Reader 14 until later. I learned that the vocal generated could only be used for personal use. Well half of the album uses those voices and even in parts of Manic (Some Things Just Look Better Dead and Asylum-Everybody Is Dead) were originally taken from Toxxik and given a full story.
So I emailed the company the other day and received a response on my mishap and I was let off with a warning, bit my tongue and deleted every track I uploaded on my internet end. Everything on where I upload is now gone and that's okay. It was my fault and I was cheap at the time. To make up for this accident I am thinking about remaking the lost original Toxxik tracks using Pediaphon or VST Speek and release it onto CD and online. I only lost 7 of 16. This would mean that either I recreate the last two, which would be pretty cool with what I use now, or leave it open ended. Rewriting Better Dead would be easy and I co…