Recording for Tethys and other updates

Near the end of this month I will be recording the speech for Tethys. I will also be getting together the micro sounds for the in-room effects out lobby sounds that will be heard through the walls. Right now with the computer down all I can do is record and note where the recordings will be played within the timeline of the track. I may be able to render a map of the location like I did for Manic using my laptop, though I am not sure because of the lack of solid cores and overall strength of my CPU. I will be amazed if I can get anything out of it. I will let you know how it goes.

I have decided not to work on Aos until I have Tethys finished and in the meantime of working between paychecks to buy the parts; I will be working on chapters of my book idea Akatar. Finished just the rough draft for chapter one today. The more that I write for my sound the more I want to write for my book. I have pages and pages of notes from the years of draft after draft. I have parts finished, but I needed to come up with a new beginning that covered a lot of the Earth history point blank. I have not written so much in a long time, like on this story. This story is huge and I am trying to keep from rushing it. Right now my mind is full of stuff and I am being lazy and not wanting to write out the processes that go into the beginning that make it the way it is. It would just drag on and I would become bored. There would be many characters that would not have big parts in the story and covering all that legal and secretive inventions would just drag. At least for right now though. My mind is scattered and I am sure that I will make full circle and expand the beginning later. Just like when I write for my sound design I put in much more detail later. Just at this moment I am not all there. My brain is fried from all the stress and emotional confusion episodes. Tiring things. 


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