Aos - Story line


Aos is the journey to Atoba Base and the events leading up to the rest of the continued series.

Cut scene transition 1: Atoba Base - receiving
-Message notification
-transcode, decrypt, and sounds of text appearing on screen
-slightly different sounds from each
-notification of each being completed
-*virtual button press* sound to listen to message
-deathly quiet atmos. so quiet that the operator can be heard breathing, sigh when notifications appear-
-sound of operator messing around with pen before, during, and after the text to speech voice message
-muffle like transition out of the scene. No dialog from operator.

Female AI: "Message to Atoba Base, Tethys; from Captain Mathias "

::Male AI reads message. Keep this voice separate from other voices used. Each adviser use a different:: {AI tone for communication. Helps with authenticity and appearing more in human.}

Scene: Aos loading, takeoff, landing, unloading, briefly inside base.

-Sounds of getting undressed and laying down
-Robotics all around
-Muffled sound from inside the freezer cell
(Using a hydrophone for effects)

-Conveyor belt moving cell to robotic arm and then being loaded into the ship. 30sec+?
-Freezing sound with AI vocals fading out.
-Cold dead silence from inside the cell
Cockpit Control Room
-transition sound
-Beeps, clicks, brief electrical hums
-Engine charge (Muffle to rise from low pass)
-Sound of takeoff. Not overpowering. Perspective from inside the ship: Only a low rising hum because of the dense insulation of the ship.
-Dream transition
-Wake up/defrost transition
-Daughter falls into seizure in her cell. Thumps against the glass and inner side of cell can be heard.
-Panic dialog "Help me open this!".(Cinematic start)
-Cell won't open
-She lays still
-Cell eventually opens
-Transition to hospital room
-Skim through unloading.
-Once in the base there can be heard techs helping and welcoming the new comers.
-Over head can be heard AI voices welcoming and covering need to know things on adapting and taking it slow.
-Skip using crowd sounds if unable to capture any.
-No in hall scenes, instead cut scene transition.
(Cinematic ends)

Plague Origins:

Safe bacteria is frozen for the trip inside human hosts. There is a research team on the ship coming to Tethys to study the geography of the moon. A routine trip sponsored by an academy of Mars. In their studies one of them cuts their hand while handling shards of ancient ice. Preparing for storage. The safe bacteria and human blood mixes with the unknown alien bacteria found in the ice. Blood is transferred into the packaging and water from the shards gets into the team member's cut. A mutation happens, a catalyst by the human bacteria. This is the cause of the plague of Atoba, Tethys.

Scene specifics:
Hospital setting - Status report
Doc: "So what's going on"
Nurse: He says that he cut his hand during a dig. Cut it on ice from outside the base. Who knows, it could become infected since we don't know much about what may be in the ice.
Doc: Take him to room B and clean the wound and I will join you shortly to run some tests.

-Study of the status of the worker.
-Doctor's theory and temporary treatment plan.
-In a few days time mutation process is complete and organisms become intelligent.
-Creatures spawn from within the shard storage bag and break free.
-(blurred audio)'s daughter is in the hospital being treated for dementia and delusions caused by the freezer gel being misused. She becomes exposed to the virus.
-Alien critters befriend his daughter in a sadistic way, start of Manic.
-Asylum (Everybody Is Dead) takes place just before the creatures absorb her and continue to spread through the base.
-Somethings Just Look Better Dead begins.


In each scene there will be dialog and sounds not covered in the brief specifics. All written here may change and or be added to.

This is going to be fun to make and it is doable.

UPDATE 11-20-2018: Tethys: [Between OR during each answer and question will be sounds in the background to help describe the setting being talked about.]



2. Aos

This one will cover their trip from Mars to Saturn to Tethys. Space travel is like Earth flight. You wanna go here, but there is not a big enough airport there so you gotta fly all around the place looking for the closest airport that supports your Sky Whale.

Sadly I will not cover the story in real time. I do not have the storage for that. A trip to Saturn alone is just 746 million kilometers to 1.7 billion kilometers (European miles) away. I can calculate the drive distance if you need that too. If we drove [122.6541kph or 70mph=1,732.71yrs aprox.]

In this story you could get there from A-B in 6 months: Mars to Tethys. Tada.

I have not written too much on this episode. I just have rough ideas for soundscapes and how I am going to get the recording done for it. I might, just might, do up a model of the interior, but I can't promise. Maybe have my girlfriend draw it and I model it. I don't know. Detailed graphics are always up in the air. The track will cover the takeoff, freeze chamber, flight, landing and settling into the moon base. Also going to be a long one.

Note: After thawing on Tethys, the daughter begins to experience Delirium of Negation


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