Aos - Dialog

Synthetic Vocals

Ship Boarding Bot Voice - English Tone 1: NR15C
Ship Boarding Bot Voice - German Tone 2: NR15C
Ship Boarding Bot Voice - Japanese Tone 3: NR15C
Arriving Bot Voice - English Tone 1: NR15C
Arriving Bot Voice - German Tone 2: NR15C
Arriving Bot Voice - Japanese Tone 3: NR15C

Each English line is repeated in two more languages.
Boarding Bot Lines:
Line 1: "Now Boarding for Tethys passengers."
Line 2: "Estimated flight time is 3 years."
Line 3: "Freezer cells are provided and recommended."
Line 4: "We offer complementary Dream Playlists"

Arriving Bot Lines:
Line 1: "Welcome to Atoba Base."
Line 2: "Remember to take things slow and stay hydrated. Adapting is not a quick process."

Real Vocals

AST Katora Aos Captain Mathias: Played by:

"I and my crew have implemented a quarantine and treatment for all 1,098 passengers to be on board. Those sick and those who are not. We have eliminated all known signs of harmful bacteria from the passengers. The transport ship we will be flying is a ASX Katora Aos. We will see you in 3 years."

"Finally we are on our way. Do a burn for 58 seconds to send us out then load the coarse from our location to Saturn to Tethys"

Hospital Scenes 1-3 Doc: Played By:
Hospital Scene 2: Nurse: Played By:

Hospital Scene 1:

Doc: "So what's going on?"

Nurse: "He cut his hand on ice at the dig site and it looks to be getting infected" 

Doc: "Take him to room B and clean the wound and I will join you shortly to run some tests."

Hospital Scene 2:

Doc: "It appears we have a very sick little girl. Freezer gel exposure. With her age it does not look good. Seizures and foaming at the mouth. She is conscious now, but is showing signs of memory loss and quite delusional. I am going to keep her as inpatient and see how things go over the next few days."

Doc: "Audio log AtE2-2 - Plague Origins: Atoba Base, Tethys - Aftermath" Safe bacteria is frozen for the trip inside human hosts." There is a research team on the ship coming to Tethys to study the geography of the moon. A routine trip sponsored by an academy of Mars." ... "In their studies one of them cuts their hand while handling shards of ancient ice while preparing for storage. The safe bacteria and human blood mixes with the unknown alien bacteria found in the ice. Blood is then transferred into the packaging and water from the shards gets into the team member's cut. A mutation happens, a catalyst caused by the human bacteria. This then leads to rapid mutations within the body and in a couple of hours the human host is transformed into a horrific hairless creature."

Dialog will be added as I go if needed.


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