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Aos - Dialog

Synthetic Vocals

Ship Boarding Bot Voice - English Tone 1: NR15C
Ship Boarding Bot Voice - German Tone 2: NR15C
Ship Boarding Bot Voice - Japanese Tone 3: NR15C
Arriving Bot Voice - English Tone 1: NR15C
Arriving Bot Voice - German Tone 2: NR15C
Arriving Bot Voice - Japanese Tone 3: NR15C

Each English line is repeated in two more languages.
Boarding Bot Lines:
Line 1: "Now Boarding for Tethys passengers."
Line 2: "Estimated flight time is 3 years."
Line 3: "Freezer cells are provided and recommended."
Line 4: "We offer complementary Dream Playlists"

Arriving Bot Lines:
Line 1: "Welcome to Atoba Base."
Line 2: "Remember to take things slow and stay hydrated. Adapting is not a quick process."

Real Vocals

AST Katora Aos Captain Mathias: Played by:

"I and my crew have implemented a quarantine and treatment for all 1,098 passengers to be on board. Those sick and those …

Aos - Story line


Aos is the journey to Atoba Base and the events leading up to the rest of the continued series.

Cut scene transition 1: Atoba Base - receiving
-Message notification
-transcode, decrypt, and sounds of text appearing on screen
-slightly different sounds from each
-notification of each being completed
-*virtual button press* sound to listen to message
-deathly quiet atmos. so quiet that the operator can be heard breathing, sigh when notifications appear-
-sound of operator messing around with pen before, during, and after the text to speech voice message
-muffle like transition out of the scene. No dialog from operator.

Female AI: "Message to Atoba Base, Tethys; from Captain Mathias "

::Male AI reads message. Keep this voice separate from other voices used. Each adviser use a different:: {AI tone for communication. Helps with authenticity and appearing more in human.}

Scene: Aos loading, takeoff, landing, unloading, briefly inside base.


Recording for Tethys and other updates

Near the end of this month I will be recording the speech for Tethys. I will also be getting together the micro sounds for the in-room effects out lobby sounds that will be heard through the walls. Right now with the computer down all I can do is record and note where the recordings will be played within the timeline of the track. I may be able to render a map of the location like I did for Manic using my laptop, though I am not sure because of the lack of solid cores and overall strength of my CPU. I will be amazed if I can get anything out of it. I will let you know how it goes.
I have decided not to work on Aos until I have Tethys finished and in the meantime of working between paychecks to buy the parts; I will be working on chapters of my book idea Akatar. Finished just the rough draft for chapter one today. The more that I write for my sound the more I want to write for my book. I have pages and pages of notes from the years of draft after draft. I have parts finished, but I nee…