Manic - Album/Playlist - Expanded Universe - UPDATED Dec. 9, 2018

I am going to start with the logo design before getting to the sound design.
Basic Final art for Manic

Second time making a full custom typeface. Other times it was edited fonts from the public domain or for commercial use. I like keeping my graphics simple and my sound complex. With staying simple I have been able to do some really cool effects like this.
It is actually super simple. Multiple colored stencils and solid lettering overlapping at different levels. Manic will be done up like that one above. The design above is actually not connected to any project and makes for a good example.
I use Blender for all my graphics these days. So much easier to edit and make font faces than using vector like old times. Only downside is I haven't figured out if I could export the bitmaps to ttf.

I thought about doing it up all complex with futuristic devices making up the letters, and I might do that, but still unsure. It would be a cool end result. If I could draw like I wish then it would be much easier to build from. I have a hard time going from mind to model. I am better with following a drawing.

1. Tethys
2. Aos
3. Manic
4. Asylum (Everybody Is Dead)
5. Some Things Just Look Better Dead
6. Sky Dreams <filler name subject to change?

May be more. I have not written that far yet.


UPDATE: Nov. 18, 2018

Aos turned out to be the long one that is going to cost extra rather then Tethys. It started becoming huge and decided to cut them apart. Gotta give space between events or it all sounds like it happened in one sitting.

The way the two are written sound wise just covers the main points to cover and know that there will be other sounds between to support the events. There is further writing that can always be done, but the more complex I make it the harder it may be to explain it in this medium. 2. Aos is perfect and doable in it's form. Everything can be explained with sounds where dialog can not. I am happy with the story the way that it is.

For Tethys it is an interview with ambient noise in the background 

Update Dec. 9, 2018. I am using my first name for the main character because that will just make it easier for me to talk and be comfortable talking. It will help me to better be in character. In audio the name may be blurred out anyways because the story takes a dark turn as it comes across to be a cover up by the company.

STORY: Tethys

[This takes place in the same universe as my unfinished book Akatar. There is a huge timeline jump between the events and they do not intersect in any way. Just the materials found in the gateways/wormholes are used.]
-quiet insulated room with slight reverb
-carpet floor for dampening
-The two are sitting across from each other in his living room
-Gabe is not yet relaxed, camera fright, full dialog may change
-Ambient noise in the room: AC, shuffling of feet, etc.
People in room: Gabe, Female Interviewer 1

Gabe, Male---"Hello. My name is Gabe as you know from the news. I'm running out of different ways of saying this. Cause of all the interviews. I am 25 years old and I am from the Kaddosa (Pronounced Ka-Dose-Ah) province of Mars. The city of Ayxva to be exact. Very old city. A very ancient city. I was born here. I am the only child of Earth born parents."

Gabe---"My childhood was very fast paced it feels like. Top of my class, early graduation at the academy. I felt like an adult at 12. I was hired by --- just four years ago. The legendary company. I guess you could say I'm super smart for my age. There was a study done not too long ago that states how Mars born colonists are more likely to develop a higher intelligence among other perks than Earth born dwellers. Found that it had a lot to do with pollution levels being far lower than those found elsewhere. I do not think that I am a one of a kind IQ wise. Just unique in the way of being hired at such a young age for Sinthayta energy application research. The company found an excess batch of this material."

Interviewer 1---"And what is Sinthayta?"

Gabe---"It is a strong transparent semisolid material (Similar properties to mercury or gallium) that comes from collected layers of light radiation when Cyrinnoe impacts the edges of the portal mounding manifold. It was discovered in the late 1800s, but information was kept classified for a very long time. It's origin is found in outer-dimensional gateways and often referred to as Liquid StarlightWhen there I will be on a team conducting tests on the new supporting power plants."

Interviewer 1---"They say you are bringing your daughter. How do you think she will adapt?"

Gabe---"Adapting is going to be difficult for the both of us. I am more concerned about her than myself in transit. The freezing gel that is used on board the ships has been known to cause mental problems and developmental issues in children over extended periods. It is more advised to wait till you reach your destination before having children; or buy an embryo at your destination. They have actually banned everyone 16 and under from freezer transport. Honestly I would rather keep her here with her mother, but mother insisted that I take her along for the "vacation". The company pulled some strings to allow her to board for the full 3 years, 2 months and 24 days, under supervision. They should be freezing her using a safer method."

Interviewer 1"And what is your destination again?"

Atoba (At-Obe-Ah) Base. It is a research mammoth that includes housing for scientists and their families. Designed for extended stays.

Interviewer 1---"You are not the only VIP heading up there as they say."

Gabe---"Yes that is right. There is a great team of geologists, engineers, maintenance crews, physicists, psychologists, IT specialists, and other fields plus executes and representatives of companies to investors. Ever 4 years or so years they swap out the entirety of the teams to keep new ideas coming in from new specialists of the time. The best of the best in the solar system.

Interviewer 1---"Can you tell us anything about the ship? We hear that it is not like other transports."

Gabe---"No it's not. Before this a transport ship was a transport ship. Nothing special, nothing new, very old rigs, but there has been a lot of talk about this particular one. It is not often that a ship would become so famous. We are surrounded by them constantly. This is an ASX Katora V827-B or Aos. The V827-A is it's commercial travel version while the V827-B is strictly for transport of cargo, cargo being humans, embryos, stem cells, and other biological materials used to start and maintain a civilization on a remote planet. We are taking it because of its capacity and speed and in case of emergencies. It is the most sterile vessel ever made. It is a big ship with a small crew. There is not any room for anyone to walk around in the storage bays. Everything is packed tightly between robotic arms and freezer cell racks. Also it is impossible to live in there because it is kept oxygen free and extremely cold. This is to eliminate any chance of a disease or virus living on board. Loading and unloading requires no human contact. The crew just flies the ship to port, dock it, and the computer system does the rest. It looks great while doing this too. It is all white with perfect rounded edges. Not all bulky. The Katora Aos is pleasant to look at with its curves of a beautiful woman.


It should turn out to be a casual conversation and not all parts above may be covered exactly to the text. I play the role of Gabe so you will hear how I would talk normally and get carried away. So far there is no AI to be used in this episode.



Aos is the journey to Atoba Base and the events leading up to the rest of the continued series.

Cut scene transition 1: Atoba Base - receiving

-Message notification
-transcode, decrypt, and sounds of text appearing on screen
-slightly different sounds from each
-notification of each being completed
-*virtual button press* sound to listen to message
-deathly quiet atmos. so quiet that the operator can be heard breathing, sigh when notifications appear-
-sound of operator messing around with pen before, during, and after the text to speech voice message
-muffle like transition out of the scene. No dialog from operator.

Female AI: "Message to Atoba Base, Tethys; from Captain Mathias "

::Male AI reads message. Keep this voice separate from other voices used. Each adviser use a different:: {AI tone for communication. Helps with authenticity and appearing more in human.}

"I and my crew have implemented a quarantine and treatment for all 1,098 passengers to be on board. Those sick and those who are not. We have eliminated all known signs of harmful bacteria from the passengers. The transport ship we will be flying is a AST Katora Aos and we all know how strict they are on design. Their freezer cell chambers are oxygen free. Unique to this model is the lack of human contact in boarding procedures. Each pod is densely closed in on tracks. They are loaded and unloaded by machines like missiles in a gunship. We are coming to you as if we were all just born. We will see you in 3 years."

Scene: Aos loading, takeoff, landing, unloading, briefly inside base.


-Sounds of getting undressed and laying down
-Robotics all around
-Muffled sound from inside the freezer cell
-Conveyor belt moving sell to robotic arm and then being loaded into the ship. 30sec+?
-Freezing sound with AI vocals fading out.
-Cold dead silence from inside the cell

Cockpit Control Room

-transition sound
-Beeps, clicks, brief electrical hums
-Engine charge (Muffle to rise from low pass)
-Sound of takeoff. Not overpowering. Perspective from inside the ship: Only a low rising hum because of the dense insulation of the ship.

-Dream transition

-Wake up/defrost transition
-Skim through unloading.
-Once in the base there can be heard techs helping and welcoming the new comers.
-Over head can be heard AI voices welcoming and covering need to know things on adapting and taking it slow.
-Skip using crowd sounds if unable to capture any.
-No in hall scenes, instead cut scene transition.
-Daughter falls into seizure in her cell. Thumps against the glass and inner side of cell can be heard.
-Panic dialog.
-Cell won't open
-She lays still
-Cell eventually opens
-Transition to hospital room

Plague Origins:

Safe bacteria is frozen for the trip inside human hosts. There is a research team on the ship coming to Tethys to study the geography of the moon. A routine trip sponsored by an academy of Mars. In their studies one of them cuts their hand while handling shards of ancient ice. Preparing for storage. The safe bacteria and human blood mixes with the unknown alien bacteria found in the ice. Blood is transferred into the packaging and water from the shards gets into the team member's cut. A mutation happens, a catalyst by the human bacteria. This is the cause of the plague of Atoba, Tethys. 

Scene specifics:

Hospital setting - Status report
Doc: "So what's going on"
Nurse: He says that he cut his hand during a dig. Cut it on ice from outside the base. Who knows, it could become infected since we don't know much about what may be in the ice.
Doc: Take him to room B and clean the wound and I will join you shortly to run some tests.
*Recording from actual doctor may change*
-Study of the status of the worker.
-Doctor's theory and temporary treatment plan.
-In a few days time mutation process is complete and organisms become intelligent.
-Creatures spawn from within the shard storage bag and break free.
-Gabe's daughter is in the hospital being treated for dementia and delusions caused by the freezer gel being misused. She becomes exposed to the virus. 
-Alien critters befriend his daughter in a sadistic way, start of Manic.
-Asylum (Everybody Is Dead) takes place just before the creatures absorb her and continue to spread through the base.
-Somethings Just Look Better Dead begins.
In each scene there will be dialog and sounds not covered in the brief specifics. All written here may change and or be added to.
This is going to be fun to make and it is doable.
UPDATE 11-20-2018: Tethys: [Between OR during each answer and question will be sounds in the background to help describe the setting being talked about.]



I know for a fact that this one is going to be expensive to make. Well it is all expensive, but what I am talking about is the AI vocals. I am going to purchase a $100 subscription to Naturalsoft so that I may use their text to speech software for commercial use. I have used them in the past before their commercial license subscription became a thing; Natural Reader 14. I could attempt to use my free synthesizer VST Speek, but the problem is the brutal tone. I can filter out the bit-crush and make it clean, the only thing is that it does not sound welcoming at all.
Here is a demo of VST Speek before and after.

Tethys will possibly become the longest in the series. Like the pilot episode. There will be a lot to cover since I still have not described any of the backstory point blank, given any hints on the location and why his daughter is off the rocker or where the aliens/infection come from.

I plan on producing Tethys last unless the developing stories call for computer generated vocals early on. The sequenced sound computer systems and receivers is just the moon base's thing, not the transport ship or Mars base (where the main character, his daughter, and parts of the virus originate from. These are not Earth grown critters. Still human, but not born on Earth. Born in "captivity" the hospital...on Mars.) 

The reason for making it last is budget. I am still paying for what I use to create and I will only go AI if I have to. Right now I can not afford it. I can make the rest, but not what I am missing so it would not be released until I have the dough to cover it. I do not have a budget for advertising either. I leave that up to my audiences and friends. Plus I like seeing real views and likes rather than bot generated.

2. Aos

This one will cover their trip from Mars to Saturn to Tethys. Space travel is like Earth flight. You wanna go here, but there is not a big enough airport there so you gotta fly all around the place looking for the closest airport that supports your Sky Whale.

Sadly I will not cover the story in real time. I do not have the storage for that. A trip to Saturn alone is just 746 million kilometers to 1.7 billion kilometers (European miles) away. I can calculate the drive distance if you need that too. If we drove [122.6541kph or 70mph=1,732.71yrs aprox.]

In this story you could get there from A-B in 6 months: Mars to Tethys. Tada.

I have not written too much on this episode. I just have rough ideas for soundscapes and how I am going to get the recording done for it. I might, just might, do up a model of the interior, but I can't promise. Maybe have my girlfriend draw it and I model it. I don't know. Detailed graphics are always up in the air. The track will cover the takeoff, freeze chamber, flight, landing and settling into the moon base. Also going to be a long one.

6. Sky/Ice Dreams

Ice dreams is next on the to-do list. In series of projects done:

5. Some Things Just Look Better Dead [8 months ago]

4. Asylum (Everybody Is Dead) [7 months ago]
3. Manic [4 days ago]
6. Ice Dreams

It is easier for me to work in reverse, but it will all make sense once they are all finished and played in order. I am spending a lot of time on 1 and 2 to pack in the story.

Ice Dreams is the emergency flight to the nearest gunship (Update: The AST Katora Aos) that joined the transport ship in flight from Saturn to the moon. The flight is an extended part of the ending of Some Things Just Look Better Dead. This will possibly be a shorter track compared to the others.


Tethys - Background noise design:

[All quotes represented here will be said by the vocal synthesizer. The "AI" welcoming bot of the building the interview takes place in.]

"Built in a non-linear point in time, the Aytov Theater lives up to its slogan: We've always been here. Because the rules of existence vary, there is no telling when in time the theater was established."

"Upcoming shows starting from 8am to 12pm for Theater B
Partridge Morning Poetry from 8am-9am
David B. The Not So Special from 9:30am- 10am
The Duck Dance with music by the Legendary Alex Hanson (A classic) from 12pm-2pm
The Great Zorbeanie's Magical Adventure from 5pm-7pm
How Not To Kill Yourself - A Musical from 7:30pm-9pm
How Bird Can You Dance? from 9pm to 10pm
Goey's Finishing Move - DJ performance from 10pm to midnight"

"Please refrain from choking your children in the lobby. In the case of an emergency there are designated choking areas for you and your children."

"Drugs and weapons are strictly prohibited in the theater."
"It is now 7:66 am"
"We hope you enjoy the show."
-Not all vocals will be audible. They may be blurred with other effects and obstacles surrounding them.
-Muffled at a distance mixed with crowd.
-Listeners will have to search or turn up the volume to hear all of it plain as day.
-Design similar to the structuring of Manic
Muffled speech at different distances due to insulation and locations of where the voices are emitted from. Chatter of a crowd can be heard. May go to the mall to record this. Possibly will need to make multiple "rooms" with basic dimensions for reflections. See models for details. May be able to get away with using multiple channels, but that will depend on the complexity of each room. I need the effect to sound like the voices are also having to travel through and around other objects beyond the wall like furniture in those rooms. Also when it says "We hope you enjoy the show" it will need to be extra muffled because of the insulated theater walls. The voice can be heard behind Gabe's and the interviewer's lines. It needs to sound real. Going to experiment with further distances in odd directions from the listeners point of view. 
Version 1: Listener's point of view is from the camera.
Scene opens up with Cinos fiddling with the lavalier microphone till her gets it situated. 
Bring in voice of camera guy okaying the scene, count down and the sound of hands rushing through air, button and dial clicks of camera. Record zoom in and out sounds and keep them faint.
Version 2: Similar to Version 1, but with the listener (stereo mic) point is on the left of the center of the two so Gabe would be left and the interviewer and camera on right. Mic height at 32 inches.
Both speech recordings could be done separate. I will setup another recorder at the interviewer's perspective pointing Gabe. Re-recording could be a pain since not everything will be spoken exactly to script. Want to minimize the need to re-record. 
V1+2: Gabe's back is towards the door so there will be sound from that direction mostly while still being under the voice recording. Sound of the crowd and bot outside the door.
To Be Continued.

Final Words:
Scattered thoughts. It comes with the schiz and I have to make due. Right now the tracks that have been made have put you in for the ride rather than actually explaining what the hell is going on. I will be posting the scripts of each episode as they are finished. Most of the storytelling will be through dialog. Conversations and little bits here and there around the sound. I want to make this feel like you are listening to a movie and this is where the 3D sound design will really come into play. I am in no rush or have a set time limit to make so it will be a while before I begin working with sound (besides recording). I will keep you posted on it. I will also keep you up to date on off topic things and how life is going for me. I hope that I got you excited because I am. Can't work too fast though. I will post again soon.

Talk to you later!


P.S. If you want to help me out on this project I have an old Patreon setup from my attempted YouTube days. It is not required. I will still release this. It is just if you want. :)

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