Further notes on Space Base A.K.A. Manic + Final Track

Space Base is a filler name and I have decided on the title name of Manic.
I admit that after I finished the sub-level section I rushed it out. The biggest reason why it does not have so much flare for the hospital scene is because I lack the access to capturing the desired sounds. I also have no way of creating a panicking crowd so I cut it very short. Still sounds epic though, but short. I tried to make the transition from the underground to the third scene like a movie transition sound and I think I did pretty good on it. All the vocals are done by myself, even the little girl. If I could keep a straight face while talking in that accent I would have said more. I aimed for a waiting room vibe and the character is playing back his daughter's voice in his head. I like making what sounds like memories rather than done/said right then and there.

Spending the last week recording really burned me out on the project and a lot to do with the inability to make it as I record because of house sitting. I sort of also wanted to keep it short and with all four parts together it is longer than I wanted. I wanted all four parts there, but skimmed out on the third because
1. Zero access and permission to record the needed portions and jobs within a hospital. It is hard to make an asylum without the patients and techs.
2. Decided to stick with memory simulating.

I think that it is okay to skim out on Scene 3 because of lack of material. I am just repeating myself. It all still sounds epic and gives chills. I set many things in it so if you turn up your stereo there is much more in the background that you would be able to hear.

Listen for yourself!


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