Day 1: Containment

Woke up early to arrive at this place. It is a weird place. I can't say too much or they will find out and I won't let them have my thoughts. They would run with them and I am left behind.

More or less. I have my opinions but I don't want to speak my mind in case they read this. Maybe I will be if I cover this post with several others and never send them the link. I don't know how to describe this place without sounding insulting. I am house sitting. This is day one. I have all my tech, but the workstation. I have people watching my house so don't get any ideas. haha.

$350 is the most that I have ever spent on a filter, well will end up paying. I started my PickPack with DearVR Pro being one of 10 plugins. Since the total cost over the coarse is of 29 months it comes to just $841. What is nice is that you can pick out the most expensive plugins that they sell, like I did, you pay $29 for 29 months and nothing extra. After the subscription is up, you own all the plugins in your PickPack. Plugin Alliance only sells filters though, but they are powerful filters. You can also purchase outside of the subscription, but things begin to add up. If I did not go with the bundle I would have had to pay close to $2,700 right then and there. It is much easier for me to pay over time than to save and put projects on hold. I work to keep my bills to a minimum, too. I am paying $104 just on music stuff a month and I will not go above that. Even though I need new headphones, I will live.

I am contained here. 10 days away from messing with what I just got. My laptop is running Ubuntu because I am paranoid. I am so paranoid that I covered both of the cameras on my phone with electrical tape. There are times though that paranoia is good. I'm not crazy about it, I just don't trust tech companies. All sorts of crap on the news. I figured why not start a blog on here. It is Google and Google I am sure knows just about everything about me and there is not escape. Sure they can market towards me, but that doesn't mean that I will fall for it. Maybe some new V-Modas...

But yeah. Being here isn't so bad. Made myself a nest in the couch with the cat. Bear the dog is huge. He takes up half of the three person couch to my right. This is a soft couch, but I am not into couch surfing like old times. I will stick to my fancy pipe tobbaccy. Cause I'm classy. haha. I get to sleep on a box string that has a thin sleeping mat on top. If this doesn't work out I'm going home and grabbing my army cot.

I will post tomorrow night if the walls can keep from closing in and whispering my dreams in reverse. Shit that would drive you crazy as if I couldn't get any crazier. haha.
Have a good night/morning.


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