Computer and Camera updates

Computer: I am in the process of upgrading my workstation to help make the creating process of the new tracks more easily to make. The biggest thing is RAM. I am going from 16GBs to 32GBs of DDR4. Everything else would be for good looks and faster boot up time. I've been on old hard drives forever and now that M.2 prices have come way down I figured I would jump on the train as late as I am. Going with Kingston memory and storage because they are the only ones I trust. Fans and liquid cooler are not required. I have plenty of fans and my Arctic cooler is doing a great job. There would just be put in for looks.

My present storage is a goof. Something happened to the boot file and it did not want to recover or rebuild it. It works for everyone else, but never for me. My desktops are always special case and I do not do anything different when setting up the OS. Taking the machine apart and then putting it back together was no problem. I thought later that it was just a matter of time till the hard drive screwed up again. It is a Hitachi 5K500 B-500 HDD with Apple branding on it. Original firmware uploaded in 2009. I lost a few sounds in the process, but I can always call my source for the original copies. I save everything off of C drive because of the bad habits I have with Windows 10. The only things that I save are programs and downloads. I am probably giving a hacker ideas, but honestly I have nothing special to steal from. I don't keep banking or text documents loaded with my passwords. Used to, but then I became watchful. I honestly do not know who views my posts. I can only see what platforms and countries the views are coming from. I don't know how famous you are. haha. Anyways, back to it!

I am going with just 240GBs cause why have more when I don't use so much to boot. I save all of my plugin downloads and files on separate drives. I would be spending a lot in SSD if I wanted to store all of NI Komplete Ultimate 11 and Plugin Alliance with the boot drive.
I don't use more than 16GBs of memory to produce or render 3D images. I am mainly going up because I am selling my old Intel machine to Alex so that he may get into making tunes too. He rocks the piano and wants to incorporate his work into mine. Right now though I am using his own recordings. Since I am talking about Alex I will through in that there will be piano work in my tracks by him. He is also going to supply me with new monster sounds. He can make some creepy sounds.
One of the things missing out of the old machine is memory and since I am doing a red and white color scheme for my desktop I think why not. With the low RAM speed I do not see the point in buying speeds faster than what my Ryzen chip supports. Also why go over 3200MHz if my Taichi motherboard does not support that fast of memory? If one or the other does not support it then you are wasting money. I heard about overclocking the memory controller could just make the system unstable so there is not much of a point.

So instead of buying parts to upgrade my PC for Christmas I went out and bought a mirror-less camera body. The Sony a6000. It has been on my list for years. I have really been wanting to take nature shots and lay a nature sound backdrop into the videos and upload to YouTube or something. Family and friends says that I have a great eye for photography, but lack the proper camera. Can't think negative on it. I have made a deal with myself to buy things on my wish list in order. Plus. There is still much more to write on the rest of the series before I can think about making anything. I also need to get out of the house more and this will do it for me once I pickup a macro lens. I took photography in high school and got some of it and I am looking to become a student once more, at least on my own. I got a sweet deal for Cyber Monday. Saved $150 on the body so that's pretty sweet. I stuck stuck between the Xbox One S plus RAM or camera body. Told myself "fuck it" and got the body. Need to buy things in order.

1. Camera
2. Macro Lens
3. Camera backpack that will also hold my recording gear
4. Extra batteries and charger.
5. Kingston 2666MHz DDR4 2x8GB (Red)
6. Kingston 2666MHz DDR4 2x8GB (White)
7. M.2 SSD
8. Xbox One S


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