Been gone and now back - Sample Library Gone - Stay Original

This is the last night I spend here house sitting. Earlier today I cut up and named 252 foley samples that I recorded here. Got some breaker switches, metallic bangs and pipes colliding. Bangs to animal sounds to electronic motors. These will come into adding detail into the sub-levels of Space Base. I might expand the sub-levels experience. The samples that are not used will go into future projects. I try not to reuse my own sounds. I am going to be doing a lot of marking up on which ones were already used in layering each sound. With this being my last night I can get right back to it tomorrow.

Speaking of samples, as I make more I take away. I have closed the downloads of my Atmos A-D collection. I have also taken down the web page to download my old work, too. I would like to bury it and move on. I do not have a good relationship with my old stuff because not all of it was mine. I want to put out work that I make entirely on my own. Spent this long building up to this so no shortcuts. I don't believe in shortcuts. Shortcuts cost me 6 years in unusable digital material. It was a learning experience, but there are other ways of learning without cheating. I took down my sample library because I do not want to enable other designers and music producers to this shortcut. I don't even agree with people who buy and sell their samples. Stay original. Don't fake it.

In my days of music producing I learned to disagree heavily with other producers. They turn out to be assholes out to use people and gain a little fame among friends, or so called friends. People they gain by sounding like others in the industry. That's not an achievement. Not all, but many of them jump off of each other, use each other, and steal from each other. They are like wild animals. Vampires.

Can't wait to get back to work. Gotta keep busy. The is also room to improve and impress.


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