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Manic Art

So I came back with 11 ideas that I can not decide on for the Manic wallpaper. Here they are.
_________________________________________________________  1 _________________________________________________________ 
 2 _________________________________________________________ 

 3 _________________________________________________________ 

 4 _________________________________________________________ 

 5 _________________________________________________________ 

 6 _________________________________________________________ 

 7 _________________________________________________________ 

 8 _________________________________________________________ 

 9 _________________________________________________________ 

10 _________________________________________________________ 

11 _________________________________________________________ 
Let me know what you think.

Lets Get Personal

-----This friend recently removed me from his life because of my pro Trump and pro military views. I never argued with him over politics. I told him straight up that I do not agree with his liberal life, but I am not going to fight him over it. I really try to keep away from topics that start conflict like politics, race, religion, sexuality, and what they put in their body. I have views that can seem super dark but I don't want to argue or change someone's mind to think like me. I see people are happy even if what they do makes me cringe and goes against what I think. A good example is I follow Luciferianism which is the following of light in it's true mythological meaning, but I don't pressure my friends or girlfriend to convert. I tell my friend Alex to stay being Mormon because that I where I see him thrive and what keeps him happy.

I have taken the time to study origins and translate into a basic language that I can understand of belief systems. Everything that mak…

Manic - Tethys Story Line

I am going to start with the logo design before getting to the sound design.

Basic Final art for Manic

Second time making a full custom typeface. Other times it was edited fonts from the public domain or for commercial use. I like keeping my graphics simple and my sound complex. With staying simple I have been able to do some really cool effects like this.

It is actually super simple. Multiple colored stencils and solid lettering overlapping at different levels. Manic will be done up like that one above. The design above is actually not connected to any project and makes for a good example.

I use Blender for all my graphics these days. So much easier to edit and make font faces than using vector like old times. Only downside is I haven't figured out if I could export the bitmaps to ttf.

I thought about doing it up all complex with futuristic devices making up the letters, and I might do that, but still unsure. It would be a cool end result. If I could draw like I wish then it would be …

Further notes on Space Base A.K.A. Manic + Final Track

Space Base is a filler name and I have decided on the title name of Manic.
I admit that after I finished the sub-level section I rushed it out. The biggest reason why it does not have so much flare for the hospital scene is because I lack the access to capturing the desired sounds. I also have no way of creating a panicking crowd so I cut it very short. Still sounds epic though, but short. I tried to make the transition from the underground to the third scene like a movie transition sound and I think I did pretty good on it. All the vocals are done by myself, even the little girl. If I could keep a straight face while talking in that accent I would have said more. I aimed for a waiting room vibe and the character is playing back his daughter's voice in his head. I like making what sounds like memories rather than done/said right then and there.

Spending the last week recording really burned me out on the project and a lot to do with the inability to make it as I record because of …

Been gone and now back - Sample Library Gone - Stay Original

This is the last night I spend here house sitting. Earlier today I cut up and named 252 foley samples that I recorded here. Got some breaker switches, metallic bangs and pipes colliding. Bangs to animal sounds to electronic motors. These will come into adding detail into the sub-levels of Space Base. I might expand the sub-levels experience. The samples that are not used will go into future projects. I try not to reuse my own sounds. I am going to be doing a lot of marking up on which ones were already used in layering each sound. With this being my last night I can get right back to it tomorrow.

Speaking of samples, as I make more I take away. I have closed the downloads of my Atmos A-D collection. I have also taken down the web page to download my old work, too. I would like to bury it and move on. I do not have a good relationship with my old stuff because not all of it was mine. I want to put out work that I make entirely on my own. Spent this long building up to this so no shortc…

Day 1: Containment

Woke up early to arrive at this place. It is a weird place. I can't say too much or they will find out and I won't let them have my thoughts. They would run with them and I am left behind.

More or less. I have my opinions but I don't want to speak my mind in case they read this. Maybe I will be if I cover this post with several others and never send them the link. I don't know how to describe this place without sounding insulting. I am house sitting. This is day one. I have all my tech, but the workstation. I have people watching my house so don't get any ideas. haha.

$350 is the most that I have ever spent on a filter, well will end up paying. I started my PickPack with DearVR Pro being one of 10 plugins. Since the total cost over the coarse is of 29 months it comes to just $841. What is nice is that you can pick out the most expensive plugins that they sell, like I did, you pay $29 for 29 months and nothing extra. After the subscription is up, you own all the plu…