Space Base Sub-Level layout with pictures and descriptions.

Basic Space Base Sub-Level model

Made the map in Blender 3D. This is not the 3D sound application, but instead made to help me know what sound is being played and where.

Green: Control Room Door
Yellow: Switching consoles
White: Organics
Red Cones: Sound emit location

The Machine Room entrance can be seen by looking from the other direction in the hall. Just as if you walked out of the elevator at the end of the hall.

There will be reflections happening the in MR. The source of sound will bounce around and the listener will hear it like it was being blocked by a wall and console as pictured here. --->

This view is looking from the elevator. There are tubes on the walls to represent plumbing and ducts. Sounds of steam and valve hisses will be heard from each of the red cones. Elevation of sounds are not depicted here. Only general location
Another look at the hall and the Machine Room. The workings within the lines to the generator (big red cone) from the console will be added. Very brief but will be there for the sound of ignition.

The only organics in this scene are John and the monster eating John. John is already dead and what you will hear is it feasting upon him. At this point of the timeline the listener does not investigate and ignores the sound and moves on.

Some voices can be heard coming from the hall. They are broken up and sound like a playback of an audio device and ear buds. John was listening to poetry when he died. Poetry lines has a snippet of eeriness that adds to the full story. Poetry and voice is by my friend Brandon Partridge of Springfield, Missouri.

That's it for now.


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