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Hello. My name is Rane and I can not tell you what kind of audio I produce. I can not tell you because for almost a decade, I still do not know for myself what exactly it is. You will have to find out for yourself what I make. It is hard to describe. I can though describe to you what I use, how I use them, where such things can be found, and how to make them. I am talking about sound design on a different level. I have grown to call what I do 'My work' or 'My art' rather than using 'music' to describe it. I have taught myself much on the topic of design and especially how to manipulate audio to turn it into completely different sounds. May not sound so groundbreaking till you hear it. All of my work and learning has lead to finally being able to do what I've wanted to make since the very beginning. Acquiring the hardware and software to do it is one thing, but to make it with these is a puzzle at times. I will now tell you what this lead up to. I first began production in 2010 to just learn the basics with no schooling. 

I was an outsider in the town of Dixon, Missouri since I was eleven and I wanted to change people's minds about me. I also wanted control over those who hurt me. Then one day I stumbled upon music production my accident though I was more interested in design rather than making it to the club. I began to study the effects of sound on living things and how it effected them on a psychological level. I found a way to change minds, make people think differently and imagine things even if it was only for a minute or two. Human experiments not intended to harm but to inspire. I wanted to be seen as someone of great talent rather than the kid in the back of English class that draws weird things and writes scary short stories. I wanted a name for myself in this place. 

Sadly I did not achieve this by those I grew up with by the time of graduation in 2012. Over the next several years I bought time against myself, put off what I do now in order to learn what I know now. I have released many playlists, over 100 tracks of different things of the same unknown genre. Through the years I have been complemented on my ambient style which is the driving force of my work. 

What I delayed for so long was to get to a point where I could transfer emotions and worlds I have written about into an immersive series of soundtracks. Bring my short stories and smaller ideas to headphones and home theaters that take my listeners on an adventure. Make them feel sadness and happiness, fear and hopelessness. Describe a dynamic range of events placed within abstract, three-dimensional scenes. I have reached this point and these posts will be on my first full on 3D storyline titled Space Base. The back story of my non-3D track titled "Somethings Just Look Better Dead". A dark title for a dark story.

I truly believe that my dark design is the end of me, but I just can't shake it. I have embraced my inner psycho and to let go of it would mean letting go of who and all I am. I am a good person and I know this because people have told me that more than pointing out that I am a bad person at heart. I am a happy person much of the time, but what makes me happy gets under other's skin. I write and make upon subjects of the things that get under other's skin. Dark in nature. Dark in vibe. In Reality I do not want any of these things come come to pass on anyone. Not even my biggest enemies. I put passion into darkness and keep it fictional. There are no true stories besides stories about myself. I reflect a lot of myself in my work. Good things do come from my work, too. It brings joy to other sick people and inspiration among my friends. I was recently complimented and actually thanked for sending them the 'outro' music for Space Base. He thanked me for the experience and it felt very nice. I knew that I was doing things right with dark sounding material.


There are so far just two tracks in the immersive series. The titles are:

Some Things Just Look Better Dead - Part 2


Space Base (unofficial name; tbd) - Part 1

I created "-Better Dead" first before writing the back story unofficially titled "Space Base".

Here is the story starting with Part 1:

*Nameless main character that represents the listener's point of view*


There was a malfunction within one of three nuclear power plants within the space station. The story puts you at the end of the crisis when Plants A and C are set in sync while B is being trouble shot. Two plants run at a time while the third is for emergency backup in the event that one plant fails. In this scenario it helps keep equal power flowing throughout the space station. The space base is self sustaining and about the size of Manhattan. The compound is located on Tethys which is an ice moon orbiting Saturn. Perfect place to setup life with all that water.

The character that the story follows is unnamed because it is written to be the listener themselves. Anyways, he is in the control room typing on the control console to bring Plant C online and in sync with Plant A. The control station is located along the inner wall of the reactor chamber, below the ignition and switching mechanical workings. The only eyes in are by camera lens. It is pretty well fortified and locked down to keep contamination from the reactor inside the chamber. It is a dimly lit room. There is success and the machine fires up. You can hear it through the walls.

In the distant future computers communicate with each other by sending a series of different sounds through the work space or server room. Like Morse Code or an audible bar code. There are sounds floating through the air and being picked up from across the room by another computer verifying safely protocols being met, chamber lock down successful and processes that went into the ignition of the machine, functioned without failure. Works in a similar way to hard drives verifying data received without problem before sending another bit of data through the line only with mics and speakers as senders and receivers. Data centers can be very noisy on many different bands of frequency and it is at a point where there is almost no problem with the system minus the noise. These rooms have to be very insulated to keep sound in while keeping sound from entering and messing with the codes being received and transferred.

In the control room can be heard these machines briefly talking with each other, the ignition system starting and then our character calls over the intercom to his supervisor named John that all is working without flaw. He also states that he is going to do their ‘rounds’ within the 'sub-levels' which is just checking up on power levels and coolant pressure valves and gauges. Our character has a problem though. His daughter is not all there in the head and recently was admitted to the mental evaluation ward there on the station. After the work is done he plans on heading up to the health clinic to visit her once more. Before leaving there are weird things that happen in the maintenance ways around the plant where our character is at. Hears squishing and crunching noises after no response from John, blows it off and leaves.

The story skips to him walking out of the clinic with the girl who begins to talk of “The things in the walls”. She appears to be delusional. Speaking of acts that never happened to her in the clinic and her father is not an abusive one. He becomes really freaked out by what she said to him. This is what she says:

“Daddy please take me back. Please. I miss the asylum. I miss my friends. I miss being tied up and beaten. I miss the shock therapy. The things in the walls, they told me how horrible outside was. I really want to go back. There is just one thing that can get me there so if I kill you please know that I mean it from the very bottom of my heart...Some things just look better dead”

Totally freaked out he takes her back and leaves her there. Later more unexplained things begin to happen, people go missing, and the power goes out. Turns out that there was a sickness spread to human hosts that turned them into alien space zombies and mutated super beasts. I image them being similar to the enemies in the video game Dead Space. Only way I can describe it and not loose myself. Full on mutation happens within the colony.

*End of Space Base____________________________________________________

The story line of ‘Some Things Just Look Better Dead’ is simple and to the point. It is escaping the beasts that have taken over the station. Saving himself and leaving his nut job of a daughter to fulfill her dreams of playing with the space zombies.

The meat of this project to describing this full story in sound alone. All mechanical workings like doors, airlocks, elevators, consoles, and hospital equipment. AI voices found in the hospital and overhead above the crowds; ad campaigns, events, status on life support systems. The crowd within the hospital, steam in the sub-levels, monster sounds and fast mutation sound effects. I am the only voice actor for this project and all other sources are from ambient recordings of environments and vocal synthesis (Text to speech programs). I am the only one working on this and making all of it in house. There will be no material sampled from other's work.

I am a quarter of the way through Space Base. I am bringing in something new to make this all come alive. I am rendering it in 3D so it feels like you are surrounded within this story and actually there as much as possible. To help myself make this I have created a 3D map in Blender showing the sub-level in the beginning of the story. Mapping in 3D where everything important that will be simulated is a new thing for me. Helps to keep me on track on accurate representations and their locations.

This will not be my only project. There will be much more. In my posts I will try my best to describe in an understandable way. May be difficult with words but I will try. I visualize my work as a model and matrix and will attempt to translate. I will also discuss in a later post the origins and the creating process for the sounds in the three tracks embedded above.


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