History of my alias

In 2011 I figured I should have an alias, an internet name as it is by tradition all around, that defined me. In 2010 just for fun I went by The Holy DJ. There was a long while after graduation where I thought I could keep the name and become a good DJ, but no. Around the same time I had a conversation with my dad on fun way of spelling our last name and still keeping within the weird English way of writing. My last name is Fisher and the spelling we came up with was Ghyschur. I used this name for many years. I pronounced it Guy-Shur which the sound of it has no meaning. It was still Fisher. I produced a lot of weird music under this name. A lot that didn't make much sense or have direction. I learned a lot in those eight years. I am still not very good with catchy synths with a good beat line, but as you know that was not my focus.

athelldotsin or @hell.sin later came around in 2015-2016. I thought not much of it at the time. It originates from a comment on a friend's Facebook post. It was December and they wanted their friends' email addresses so that she could send them e-cards. Others put their's and I was being a troll. For my email I put "lucifer_yo_homie@hell.sin" and later on I noticed what ties that it had with my beginnings spirituality, mental health and what path my music and design, at the time, was going. I took this name full on in the middle of this year, 2018. These days the new name really connects more to me than I think Ghyschur ever could. Ghyschur was harder for new comers to spell making finding my work harder. 


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