AA Plugin Series - Ensemble and how to do it

The AA or the IC-AA series of filter presets that I put together, I'll explain more. I layer effect after effect in series and mix them together and making them effect all the parts of each other. I do this for all of my projects. For it to be in this series it much do what the name entails. The full name is I, Control Anti-Aliasing. I made this while producing a song for my I, Control playlist/album. I will link it below because there are vocals near the end that sound very...odd.

Little Stars was my first success. The vocals were effected with the finalized version of IC AA2.

With each version I swap out old plugins for new ones and edit them to play more seamless than the last. Many of the original plugins have stayed the same. The only big changes are the reverb drivers.

AA1 used Image-Line's Fruity Reverb 2.

AA2 and AA3.1 used QuickQuak's Fusion Field and changes to the equalizer
AA3.2 used Softube's and NI's release of Reverb Classics 24 (RC24)
AA4 is just like AA3.1 but with an extra reverb from QuickQuak titled Crowd Chamber, and an added equalizer. I use this for turning distortion into ambient while effecting the sound using Harmor with its own AA4 preset.

The full list of plugins used for 3.2 goes like this:

-Image-Line Vocodex
-Fruity Reverb 2
-Fruity Parametric EQ 2
-Fruity Stereo Shaper

These filters together as is just gives you a decent reverb if the track is recorded over vocals in a non-reversed matter. Reversing the vocal track and running the filters in series over it as you record is the simple trick. Once recording is done you then reverse the track again to bring is "right side up".

For Little Stars I did this process over and over a few times on the same recorded piece.
Original recording to new recording
New recording to new recording etc.

In my experience it works every time. In Little Stars I did not reverse the final to be "right side up" and instead left it and that is what makes her singing sound so weird. It is actually the same Twinkle Twinkle Little Star track that is played in the beginning, but covered in filters and kept in reverse. She sounds like she is singing in a different language. You can though hear a hint of reverse in where the bells are supposed to be.

Here is a link to version AA3.1 being demoed over several of my own vocal recordings of friends. Pretty interesting stuff. There is not too much of a difference between this and 3.2 sound wise.

The first and second are the exact same recording one one is switched backwards with some cut out because of copyright but one and the other are of the same original mix just different orientations.

Played as is it creates a super chorus effect.

It is pretty cool stuff. Basic in a way, but time consuming. When using this technique on other things like drums and synths it doesn't work too well at least as expected. It just sounds like any other reversed track. A good thing though is that it is great for building fade in rises. The tail of the ending reverb drags and when reversed you have a neat eerie rise to your track. Dead silent to something.


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