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Happy Halloween!

Not to be a downer, but it feels as if every Halloween I encounter the vibe is depressing. Like I don't have a good time, but that's with every holiday. I think it is the image of the holiday. Spooky and creepy. Day of the disturbed. This day is actually much brighter than it used to be. A long time ago it was a time of pranks, violence and vandalism. Like The Purge of the 20th century. Many people lost stores and homes to the pranksters all over the nation and some worst than others. Eventually one company worked to reshape it into a day of fun. Then other brands got in on it and long story short we have what it is today. Titled Trick or Treat meaning you can either trick and prank or given treats for not burning houses and businesses down.

In 2006 when I was in 7th grade I met a bizarre Christian student. Don't remember his name or why he was in special education with me. I just remember his obsession with Christ and Halloween being Satan's birthday. I grew up Mormon…

Space Base Sub-Level layout with pictures and descriptions.

Basic Space Base Sub-Level model

Made the map in Blender 3D. This is not the 3D sound application, but instead made to help me know what sound is being played and where.

Green: Control Room Door
Yellow: Switching consoles
White: Organics
Red Cones: Sound emit location

The Machine Room entrance can be seen by looking from the other direction in the hall. Just as if you walked out of the elevator at the end of the hall.

There will be reflections happening the in MR. The source of sound will bounce around and the listener will hear it like it was being blocked by a wall and console as pictured here. --->

This view is looking from the elevator. There are tubes on the walls to represent plumbing and ducts. Sounds of steam and valve hisses will be heard from each of the red cones. Elevation of sounds are not depicted here. Only general location
Another look at the hall and the Machine Room. The workings within the lines to the generator (big red cone) from the console will be added.…

My Understanding of Sound

I didn't go to school for this. I think you can tell. The only things that I did go to school for was graphic design. It was at a tech school in Waynesville, Missouri. Waynesville Career Center. Six years later I can not remember the reason why I went. It was free, paid for by the district. I learned a few things about raster and vector graphics and how to nearly fail the class. All was going good...decent up until my run in with sound production. I was more focused on my book ideas and cover art than anything else. At least I tried at something I am not good at. Vector and illustrating. I couldn't even draw straight lines in software. My book has developed, but at the time it was all just dark fluff. I was decent at writing. I could get my readers to imagine the sick world inside me, but I couldn't draw it. Even now with 3D graphics I struggle with it.

My understanding of things is visual. There is a pattern, a mesh. Near tangible material. His voice has texture, a sandy …

Full Design Process of 'Some Things Just Look Better Dead'

Some Things Just Look Better Dead or Better Dead is intended to be listened to using headphones. Monitor/reference headphones are ideal though I know not everyone can afford them. The sound is still understandable with a set of V-Modas even though their bass output is higher than my reference headphones. The AKG K612 Pro. Not very pro but a good start. Anyways, because this was not rendered as 3D audio and not much is set to pan from right or left, playing the tracks in a mono source not much will be different. If this was a 3D track played in mono the wide stereo range would not show up in the mono version. Getting off track, but thought you should know.

There are a few parts in Better Dead that are not original to the track. Recordings and scenes were made before the intro was done up. Everything but the Drop Pod Release and the girl's voice were made in the same project file.

There are two separate voice tones, one being the girl and that other being an altern…

AA Plugin Series - Ensemble and how to do it

The AA or the IC-AA series of filter presets that I put together, I'll explain more. I layer effect after effect in series and mix them together and making them effect all the parts of each other. I do this for all of my projects. For it to be in this series it much do what the name entails. The full name is I, Control Anti-Aliasing. I made this while producing a song for my I, Control playlist/album. I will link it below because there are vocals near the end that sound very...odd.

Little Stars was my first success. The vocals were effected with the finalized version of IC AA2.
With each version I swap out old plugins for new ones and edit them to play more seamless than the last. Many of the original plugins have stayed the same. The only big changes are the reverb drivers.

AA1 used Image-Line's Fruity Reverb 2.
AA2 and AA3.1 used QuickQuak's Fusion Field and changes to the equalizer
AA3.2 used Softube's and NI's release of Reverb Classics 24 (RC24)
AA4 is just like AA3…

Inspiration and origins of stories

This is going to be a long one. I am sure that I will spend longer on this than I did on covering all that I use to create.

There are inspirational artists, bands, writers, movies, school, people I have surrounded myself with other the years, and my inner psycho that I admire. Not so much of copying what they sound like, how they write, how they are portrayed. Instead it is the emotions that I receive and psychological effects of these on myself and others I study. I try to recreate instances where I and others listening feel or imagine these series of places, events and social situations. Paint a picture and story line. 

I studied psychology from time to time more as a refresh because I forget bits and pieces. I at one point attended Columbia College to learn more on psychology though not to become a therapist. I wanted to widen my understanding and open new doors for my hobby. That was spending a lot of money for a hobby and I got some things out of it. I did not graduate, b…

History of my alias

In 2011 I figured I should have an alias, an internet name as it is by tradition all around, that defined me. In 2010 just for fun I went by The Holy DJ. There was a long while after graduation where I thought I could keep the name and become a good DJ, but no. Around the same time I had a conversation with my dad on fun way of spelling our last name and still keeping within the weird English way of writing. My last name is Fisher and the spelling we came up with was Ghyschur. I used this name for many years. I pronounced it Guy-Shur which the sound of it has no meaning. It was still Fisher. I produced a lot of weird music under this name. A lot that didn't make much sense or have direction. I learned a lot in those eight years. I am still not very good with catchy synths with a good beat line, but as you know that was not my focus.

athelldotsin or @hell.sin later came around in 2015-2016. I thought not much of it at the time. It originates from a comment on a friend's Facebook…

An in-depth on what I use to create

October 25, 2018

Edit: To start, lots of money powers my projects and I do not mean to make others feel bad with these first thoughts written. Fancy equipment and software help me to achieve my goals much faster and efficiently. Money and flashy things do not make me a good artist, does not make me a good person. I talk a lot about costs in this post to try to guide others into good possible tools to use based on what you can afford. I do not mean to show off what I have. The final products are what matters most.

Just because I use many high dollar and un/popular tools does not make me the artist that I am. I acquired most of my software extremely fast and I am still learning everything there is to know about these applications. I am terrible at saving up money, but I can hold off and pay the bills that supply half of my hobby. I have to go with payment plans. I like it far more than spending so much and being left with something I hardly know how to use to its full potential. I am a …

Intro and getting started on Space Base

Hello. My name is Rane and I can not tell you what kind of audio I produce. I can not tell you because for almost a decade, I still do not know for myself what exactly it is. You will have to find out for yourself what I make. It is hard to describe. I can though describe to you what I use, how I use them, where such things can be found, and how to make them. I am talking about sound design on a different level. I have grown to call what I do 'My work' or 'My art' rather than using 'music' to describe it. I have taught myself much on the topic of design and especially how to manipulate audio to turn it into completely different sounds. May not sound so groundbreaking till you hear it. All of my work and learning has lead to finally being able to do what I've wanted to make since the very beginning. Acquiring the hardware and software to do it is one thing, but to make it with these is a puzzle at times. I will now tell you what this lead up to. I first bega…