Recording for Tethys and other updates

Near the end of this month I will be recording the speech for Tethys. I will also be getting together the micro sounds for the in-room effects out lobby sounds that will be heard through the walls. Right now with the computer down all I can do is record and note where the recordings will be played within the timeline of the track. I may be able to render a map of the location like I did for Manic using my laptop, though I am not sure because of the lack of solid cores and overall strength of my CPU. I will be amazed if I can get anything out of it. I will let you know how it goes.
I have decided not to work on Aos until I have Tethys finished and in the meantime of working between paychecks to buy the parts; I will be working on chapters of my book idea Akatar. Finished just the rough draft for chapter one today. The more that I write for my sound the more I want to write for my book. I have pages and pages of notes from the years of draft after draft. I have parts finished, but I nee…

Computer and Camera updates

Computer: I am in the process of upgrading my workstation to help make the creating process of the new tracks more easily to make. The biggest thing is RAM. I am going from 16GBs to 32GBs of DDR4. Everything else would be for good looks and faster boot up time. I've been on old hard drives forever and now that M.2 prices have come way down I figured I would jump on the train as late as I am. Going with Kingston memory and storage because they are the only ones I trust. Fans and liquid cooler are not required. I have plenty of fans and my Arctic cooler is doing a great job. There would just be put in for looks.

My present storage is a goof. Something happened to the boot file and it did not want to recover or rebuild it. It works for everyone else, but never for me. My desktops are always special case and I do not do anything different when setting up the OS. Taking the machine apart and then putting it back together was no problem. I thought later that it was just a matter of time…

I hate holidays

I hate holidays. So many people, most of them strangers. I don't like kids at all with no room for exceptions. Earlier today there were 8 kids plus the adults that act like kids. Super small house. Social anxiety kills me inside. Especially when your ex shows up, who is now related to me, shows up and doesn't say at least "hi" or break into conversation. It has been years since us and if she is the one to start it then I will talk and be social.
Holidays just piss me off. When I first walked into my brother's house where the feast was I smelled trash and oven baked bread. I took a few steps in before blacking out for 3 seconds or so. Long enough for my parents to notice and ask. I try to avoid things that cause it like children and related things, fights, or being in a conversation that covers killing people both serious and a joke. I say serious because I really believe that my brother has what I have, who covers shooting people for sport and my mind doesn't…

Manic Art

So I came back with 11 ideas that I can not decide on for the Manic wallpaper. Here they are.
_________________________________________________________  1 _________________________________________________________ 
 2 _________________________________________________________ 

 3 _________________________________________________________ 

 4 _________________________________________________________ 

 5 _________________________________________________________ 

 6 _________________________________________________________ 

 7 _________________________________________________________ 

 8 _________________________________________________________ 

 9 _________________________________________________________ 

10 _________________________________________________________ 

11 _________________________________________________________ 
Let me know what you think.

Lets Get Personal

-----This friend recently removed me from his life because of my pro Trump and pro military views. I never argued with him over politics. I told him straight up that I do not agree with his liberal life, but I am not going to fight him over it. I really try to keep away from topics that start conflict like politics, race, religion, sexuality, and what they put in their body. I have views that can seem super dark but I don't want to argue or change someone's mind to think like me. I see people are happy even if what they do makes me cringe and goes against what I think. A good example is I follow Luciferianism which is the following of light in it's true mythological meaning, but I don't pressure my friends or girlfriend to convert. I tell my friend Alex to stay being Mormon because that I where I see him thrive and what keeps him happy.

I have taken the time to study origins and translate into a basic language that I can understand of belief systems. Everything that mak…

Manic - Album/Playlist - Expanded Universe - UPDATED Dec. 9, 2018

I am going to start with the logo design before getting to the sound design. Basic Final art for Manic
Second time making a full custom typeface. Other times it was edited fonts from the public domain or for commercial use. I like keeping my graphics simple and my sound complex. With staying simple I have been able to do some really cool effects like this. It is actually super simple. Multiple colored stencils and solid lettering overlapping at different levels. Manic will be done up like that one above. The design above is actually not connected to any project and makes for a good example. I use Blender for all my graphics these days. So much easier to edit and make font faces than using vector like old times. Only downside is I haven't figured out if I could export the bitmaps to ttf.
I thought about doing it up all complex with futuristic devices making up the letters, and I might do that, but still unsure. It would be a cool end result. If I could draw like I wish then it would be …

Further notes on Space Base A.K.A. Manic + Final Track

Space Base is a filler name and I have decided on the title name of Manic.
I admit that after I finished the sub-level section I rushed it out. The biggest reason why it does not have so much flare for the hospital scene is because I lack the access to capturing the desired sounds. I also have no way of creating a panicking crowd so I cut it very short. Still sounds epic though, but short. I tried to make the transition from the underground to the third scene like a movie transition sound and I think I did pretty good on it. All the vocals are done by myself, even the little girl. If I could keep a straight face while talking in that accent I would have said more. I aimed for a waiting room vibe and the character is playing back his daughter's voice in his head. I like making what sounds like memories rather than done/said right then and there.

Spending the last week recording really burned me out on the project and a lot to do with the inability to make it as I record because of …